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Spaceweather.com 2010.04.15

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この火球は、地球の大気圏に浅い角度で侵入してきた小さな隕石によって起こされた。予備の超低周波音測定値は、不確実な数値ではあるが、20トンのTNT爆弾に相当する爆破のエネルギーだとみなした。NASA の隕石調査担当のビル・クークによると、この隕石は約1メートルの幅で、重さ1260キログラム相当だという。


Last night, around 10:05 pm CDT, sky watchers in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois and Missouri witnessed a brilliant green fireball streaking across the sky. Images from a rooftop webcam in Madison, Wisconsin, show a brilliant midair explosion:


Credit: University of Wisconsin - AOS/SSEC

The fireball was caused by a small asteroid hitting Earth's atmosphere at a shallow angle. Preliminary infrasound measurements place the energy of the blast at 20 tons of TNT (0.02 kton), with considerable uncertainty. Bill Cooke of NASA's Meteoroid Environment Office estimates that the space rock was about 1 meter wide and massed some 1260 kg. "Fireballs of this size are surprisingly common," he notes. "They hit Earth about 14 times a month, on average, although most go unnoticed because they appear during the day or over unpopulated areas."


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